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Taste the Goodness: PeterPan Restaurant Osu Branch Menu Prices

Welcome to the flavorful world of PeterPan Restaurant’s Osu Branch. If you’re on the hunt for a delightful dining experience, this is where your culinary journey begins.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you on a gastronomic adventure through the menu prices, and the restaurant’s location, and even reveal the secret to ordering online with ease.

Join us in this exploration of PeterPan’s Osu Branch to uncover a world of scrumptious delights.

About Peterpan Restaurant

PeterPan, a renowned fast-food restaurant, specializes in broasted chicken, french fries, salads, drinks, and pastries. Located in Osu, customers can enjoy a satisfying meal for approximately GHS 25, thanks to the various deals and promotions offered by the restaurant.

What sets PeterPan apart is its commitment to providing fast, quality, and consistently fresh dishes to its customers.

This dedication has earned them a reputation as one of the best restaurants in Ghana, with a strong presence in both Accra and Kumasi.

The restaurant takes pride in using carefully selected ingredients, leveraging culinary expertise to craft original and flavorful dishes that leave a lasting impression on diners.

PeterPan’s commitment to excellence ensures a dining experience that stands out among the best in both regions.

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To maintain the highest quality, the restaurant sources its produce daily from local farmers, fishmongers, and butchers.

This ensures that every dish is prepared with the freshest ingredients, showcasing PeterPan’s dedication to providing a top-notch culinary experience for its customers.

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Peterpan Osu Menu Prices

peterpan food served


  • Hot & Crispy Boneless Chicken (boneless only) – GHS 27
  • Hot & Crispy Bone-in Chicken (bone-in only) – GHS 35.00
  • Hot Wings Only – GHS 43.00
  • Sweet Spicy Boneless Chicken Only – GHS 36.50

Supreme Pizzas

  • Combination pizza From – GHS 52.00
  • Vegetable Lovers Pizza From – GHS 42.00
  • Cheese- holic pizza From – GHS 55.00
  • Margherita Pizza From – GHS43.00


  • Family Pack (hot wings) – GHS 140.00
  • Family Pack (sweet spicy boneless) – GHS 125.00
  • Original Boneless Chicken Only – GHS 39.00
  • French fried chips – GHS 20.00
  • Family Pack (original boneless) – GHS 132.00
  • Coleslaw salad From – GHS 3.50
  • Sweet Spicy Bone-in Only – GHS 39.50
  • Family Pack (hot & crispy boneless) – GHS 104.00
  • Wonder Fried rice – GHS 25.00
  • Fried rice mixed with crispy chicken pieces and sriracha topping – GHS 25.00
  • Family Pack (Hot & Crispy bone-in) – GHS 120.00
  • Hash brown – GHS 23.00
  • Popcorn chicken – GHS 21.00
  • Fried rice – GHS 17.00


  • Worcester Double Cheese (only) – GHS 40.00
  • Story Burger (only) – GHS 35.00
  • Wonder Cheese Burger (only) – GHS 30.50
  • Wonder Wrap (only) – GHS 33.50
  • Worcester Burger (only) – GHS 28.50
  • Blazing Wrap (only) – GHS 37.50
  • Potato Cheese Burger (only) – GHS 31.00
  • Wonder Burger (only) – GHS 25.50
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Family Pack Meals

  • Blazing wings & fried rice (family pack meal) – GHS 195.50
  • Hot wings & fried rice (family pack meal) – GHS 182.50

Pepperoni Pizza

  • Beef From – GHS51.00
  • Shrimp & Squid Pizza From – GHS66.00
  • Spicy Tuna Pizza From – GHS61.00
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  • Coke From – GHS11.00
  • Water From – GHS5.00
  • Fanta From – GHS 11.00

How To Order Online From Peterpan Osu Restaurant

You can call Peterpan Restaurant Osu at 0577737704 to order food. You will be asked for your order, location, and personal details. Your food will then be delivered to you.

Alternatively, you can order from Peterpan Osu restaurant using Glovo.

To order online from Peterpan Osu Restaurant through Glovo:

  1. Visit glovoapp.com.
  2. Sign up with your details.
  3. Provide your delivery address.
  4. Select “Restaurants” (as you’re ordering from Peterpan Osu Restaurant).
  5. Find Peterpan Restaurant.
  6. Choose your desired food from their menu.
  7. Complete the payment and provide your delivery information.
  8. Your food will be delivered to you shortly.

Perterpan Osu Branch And Contact Details

  • Osu Location: Peterpan – Osu, 6th St, Accra (click here for Direction)
  • Peterpan Osu branch Contact: 0577737701 / 0577737704


Peterpan is one of the best Restaurants in Ghana, with many branches across the country.

Peterpan is a top restaurant chain in Ghana, with several branches. This article focuses on the Peterpan Osu branch, including its menu prices, location, ordering through Glovo, and contact information.

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You can also check out other Peterpan restaurants in Accra like their Madina and East Legon branch.

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