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Papaye Fast Food Haatso Branch Menu Prices, Location And More

Papaye Fast Food has become a Ghanaian fast-food staple. This blog entry highlights Papaye Fast Food’s Haatso Branch’s menu prices, location, and contact information, as well as how to purchase online.

Papaye Fast Food has 10 Ghanaian locations. Expanding branches make the company’s cuisine accessible to Ghanaians.

Papaye Fast Food Haatso Menu Prices

papaye haatso food


ItemPrice (GHS)
Beef Burger27.00
Cheese Burger29.00
Cheese Egg Burger30.00
Egg Burger29.00


ItemPrice (GHS)
Grilled Chicken Rice with Coleslaw39.00
Mini Chips with Coleslaw20.00
Broasted Chicken Chips with Coleslaw39.00
Broasted Chicken Rice with Coleslaw39.00
Grilled Chicken Chips without Coleslaw38.00
Full Chicken63.00
Broasted Chicken Rice without Coleslaw38.00
Mini Rice with Coleslaw20.00
Grilled Chicken Chips with Coleslaw39.00
Grilled Chicken Rice without Coleslaw38.00


ItemPrice (GHS)
Fried Fish Rice with Coleslaw48.00
Grilled Fish Chips with Coleslaw48.00
Fried Fish Chips with Coleslaw48.00
Grilled Fish Rice with Coleslaw48.00

Papaye Fast Food Haatso Branch Contact Details And Location

How To Order From Papaye Fast Food Haatso Branch

Dial 0302961581 to order from Papaye Haatso. Give your name, delivery address, and phone number. Choose to pay now or upon delivery. Your excellent food will arrive soon.

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Wrapping Up

Papaye Fast Food’s Haatso location delights fast food fans. Papaye Fast Food dependably delivers quality meals and a great customer experience, whether you’re drawn to its appealing menu, excellent service, or easy online ordering.

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Remember Papaye Fast Food when you crave fast food again, either by visiting the branch or buying online. A delicious and satisfying experience awaits your cravings.

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