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Linda Dor Accra Restaurant Menu Prices, Location, Contact Details, How To Order, How To Book A Table And More

Have you ever heard about the cool Linda Dor Accra Restaurant? Maybe you’ve seen it but didn’t try it yet.

Linda Dor Accra Restaurant is like a super awesome place to eat in Accra. Some people think it’s only for fancy, expensive dinners, but guess what? It’s actually not that pricey!

Let’s go on an adventure through this article where we’ll check out the menu prices, where the restaurant is, how to get in touch with them, and all the cool details you might want to know. Ready for a fun food journey? Let’s get started!

About Linda Dor Accra Restaurant

Linda Dor Accra Restaurant view

Linda Dor Accra Restaurant stands out as one of the coolest and most trustworthy places to eat in Accra. You can find it easily at Accra – Kumasi Highway, Bunso Junction, Nsutem, Easter Region, Ghana.

Guess what they serve? Yummy continental dishes! Whether you want to enjoy your meal right there, grab it to go, or have it delivered to your doorstep, Linda Dor Accra Restaurant has got you covered.

Plus, their place is super clean and hygienic, making it an even better spot to savor some delicious food.

Menu Price At Linda Dor Accra Restaurant

At Linda Dor Accra Restaurant, you can enjoy a tasty meal without breaking the bank. The menu prices are quite friendly, ranging from GHS 20 to GHS 60.

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Their menu is like a treasure trove of deliciousness, offering a wide variety of meals to please all sorts of cravings. What’s awesome is that they use fresh, top-notch ingredients to whip up these delights, and the best part? It won’t hurt your pocket!

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Let’s take a sneak peek at a sample from their menu: Rice – GHSs. Imagine how delightful that plate of rice must be.

Continental Breakfast

  • Baked Beans and Sausage – GHS 25
  • Choice of Fried Egg/omelet – GHS 35
  • Tea, Coffee, Cocoa, Milk – GHS 20
  • Toast, Butter, Marmalade – GHS 20

English Breakfast

  • Choice of Egg and Bacon – GHS 45
  • Fresh Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice – GHS 30
  • Tea Coffee, Milo, Milk – GHS 45
  • Sausage, Baked Beans – GHS 40


  • Chicken Golden Bleu with Plain / Fried/Jollof Rice – GHS 30
  • Chicken Wings & Jollof Rice – GHS 50
  • Chicken + Veg + Sauce + Fried Rice – GHS 45
  • Chicken Roast Only Full – GHS 40
  • Chicken Roast Only ½ – GHS 25
  • Chicken Sauce – GHS 45
  • Jollof Rice Chicken – GHS 35
  • Chicken Wings & Yam Chips – GHS 44
  • Plain Rice Chicken – GHS 30
  • Chicken Golden Blue – GHS 40
  • Fried Rice Chicken – GHS 30


  • Chicken Brochette – GHS 45
  • Curry Chicken With Peaches – GHS 20
  • Chicken with Fried Rice – GHS 50
  • Honey Spicy Chicken + Chips – GHS 35


  • Beef Steak Only – GHS 25
  • Beef Sauce Only – GHS 20
  • Beef Mushroom Bamboo Shoots with Fried Rice – GHS 35
  • Beef Brochette Only – GHS 30
  • Beef Brochette with Chips GHS 25
  • Beef with Fried Rice – GHS 30
  • Beef In Chili Sauce – GHS 45
  • Beef Steak Rice – GHS 40
  • Beef with, Vegetable Sauce & Jollof – GHS 45
  • Beef Brochette with Jollof Rice – GHS 40
  • Diplomat Steak – GHS 30
  • Beef Brochette With Fried Rice – GHS 30
  • Beef with Vegetable Sauce & Plain Rice – GHS 40
  • Beef Brochette with Plain Rice – GHS 35
  • Beef with Vegetable Sauce & Fried Rice – GHS 50
  • Beef Sauce with Plain Rice – GHS 34
  • Beef Jollof – GHS 45
  • Beef Brochette with Fried Rice – GHS 30
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Location And Contact Details Of Linda Dor Accra Restaurant

The Linda Dor Accra Restaurant is conveniently located at HQ5G+QVV, Accra, Ghana and you can contact them for ordering, booking, and for further inquiries at +233 202 539 395, +233 243 569 298, and +233 242 331 998. They are always available to respond to you.

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How To Order Online From Linda Dor Accra Restaurant

Feeling hungry and want to place your order at Linda Dor Accra Restaurant? Easy peasy! Just give them a ring at any of these numbers: +233 202 539 395, +233 243 569 298, or +233 242 331 998. They’ll be more than happy to take your order and make sure you get your delicious meal in no time.

How To Book A Table At Linda Dor Accra Restaurant

Booking a table at Linda Dor Accra Restaurant is a breeze, and it’s a good idea to secure your spot ahead of time. Here’s the simple scoop:

Give them a call at +233 243 569 298, and their friendly team will gladly help you book the perfect table.

Can’t make a call? No worries! You can also swing by their place, and the welcoming staff will assist you in booking your desired table after checking availability. Easy and stress-free, ensuring you have a great dining experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Linda Dor Accra Restaurant have a parking area?

Yes, the restaurant has a car parking area.


If you find yourself in Accra and craving a peaceful and delicious dining experience, don’t hesitate to head over to Linda Dor Accra Restaurant. It’s super convenient and offers a delightful culinary experience.

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In our article, we’ve got you covered from A to Z about Linda Dor Accra Restaurant. We talked about the menu prices, where you can find them, how to get in touch, the easy steps to place an order, the simple way to book a table, reasons why you should choose them, answered some frequently asked questions, and so much more.

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Now you’re all set to enjoy a fantastic meal at Linda Dor Accra Restaurant!

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