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Cho-chop Betta Menu Prices, Location, Contact Details, How To Order, How To Book a Table, And More

If you are in Accra and seeking to have a fine and exclusive dining experience, look no further than the Cho-chop Betta nestled in the heart of Accra.

When you come to Accra and you get caught between lines when looking for a reliable eatery to relax and enjoy your delicious meals let Cho-chop Betta be the only place that should come to head because they are capable of delivering exclusively.

We will delve into the menu prices, location, contact details, how to order, how to book a table, why you should eat from the restaurant, frequently asked questions, and more. Relax as you read to the end.

About Cho-chop Betta

Cho-chop Betta is a fine restaurant that is found in the heart of Accra and offers quality services.

The restaurant is blessed with very friendly staff and experienced chefs who prepare meals with fresh ingredients to produce a tantalizing taste for customers.

The restaurant is very hygienic and beautifully decorated. Their ambiance is cozy and welcoming.

Their menu is extensive and features an array of meals that caters to several tastes and preferences. They offer takeout, delivery, and dine-in services.

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Menu Prices At Cho-chop Betta

Cho-chop Betta food

The restaurant has an extensive menu that features a range of meals that satiate a variety of taste buds.

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The meals are prepared with fresh ingredients by their experienced chefs. Below is a sample of their menu and prices that you can consider when you decide to eat from the restaurant.

  • Spicy Dry Tofu Regular – Ghs 72.00
  • Spicy Sliced Potato Regular – Ghs 56.00
  • Spicy Octopus Regular – GHS 82.00
  • Spicy Pork and Pig’s Large Intestine Regular – Ghs 70.00
  • Sizzling Spicy Mixed Mushroom Regular – Ghs 70.00
  • Spicy Pork Spare Ribs Regular – Ghs 82.00
  • Pasta – GHS 30
  • Sandwiches – GHS 25
  • Deep-Fried Lamb Chops with Cumin Regular – Ghs 88.00
  • Stir-Fried Lamb Chops in Brown Sauce Regular – Ghs 88.00
  • Grilled or Crispy Seasoned De’lish Chicken Wings Regular- Ghs 20.00
  • Samosas with Small Salad Regular- GHS 10.00
  • Grilled Chicken or Beef Kebabs: 3 Skewers with Veggies and Small Salad Regular – GHS 15.00
  • Golden Fries or Yam Chips Regular – Ghs 10.00
  • Calamari with Tartar Sauce Regular – GHS 20.00

Location And Contact Details Of Cho-chop Betta Restaurant

Cho-chop Betta view

You can locate the Cho-chop Betta conveniently at Airport Rd Airport Terminal 3, Accra, Ghana, and can be reached for booking, ordering, and further inquiries at 0504676775. You can as well follow them on Facebook at facebook.com/Cho-Chop-Betta-2239120142778542.

How To Order From Cho-chop Betta

If you want to be in the comfort of your home or office and yet eat from this reliable restaurant, you simply do so by calling them at 0504676775 to speak with their friendly staff who will help you order your delicious meals with ease.

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After payment, your meals will start to be prepared and in no time be delivered to you.

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You can as well walk into their premises and after a careful study of the menu, order your favorite meals with the help of the friendly staff.

Make sure you let them know if you have any dietary requirements. Relax as they prepare your meals and deliver them to you at your table.

How To Book A Table At Cho-chop Betta

If you want to enjoy the cozy and serene environment at Cho-chop Betta you can book a table in advance especially during peak hours to save you from the Wahala of waiting for a table.

To book a table, you need to call their number at 0504676775 to speak with their representative. The representative will then check for the availability of the table.

 If there is, you will be asked to provide your details such as name, number of people to be at the table, date and time of your visit.

You will be notified by a call or SMS for a successful reservation. Walk in to dine at the exact time you scheduled.

Again, you can as well walk into the restaurant to find out about table availability and with the help of their friendly staff book your suitable table with ease.

Walk in to enjoy your delicious meals at the exact time scheduled.

Why You Should Eat From The Cho-chop Betta

You should eat from the Cho-chop Betta because they are one of the trusted restaurants in Accra that offer exquisite services to the people of Accra and its environs.

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Their meals are also very delicious and affordable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Cho-chop Betta have a parking lot?

Yes, Cho-chop Betta has ample space for parking cars and other vehicles.

Does the restaurant offer dine-in services?

Yes, Cho-chop Betta offers takeout, delivery, and dine-in services.


Cho-chop Betta is one of the fine restaurants in Accra that you should always consider when you are looking for a restaurant to have an exclusive dining experience.

We covered the menu prices, location, contact details, how to book a table, how to order, why you should eat from the restaurant, frequently asked questions, and more.

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