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Starline Travel And Tours: Travel Packages, Services, Location, Contact Details, And More

If traveling across the globe has always been your dream then you need to read this article to the end. Have you heard of Starline Travel and Tours located in Ghana?

If you have not then today is a good day for you because I am going to introduce one of the most reliable and trusted tour operators in Ghana that is making people’s traveling dreams come to reality.

Traveling is an incredible way to explore the world, broaden horizons, and create lasting memories.

However, the success of any trip heavily relies on the expertise of tour operators who can ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Among the most reputable and reliable tour operators are Starline Travel and Tours, a company that has been revolutionizing the travel industry for over a decade.

In this article, we will delve into Starline Travel and Tours’ background and history, explore its mission and values, examine its accreditations and certifications, and highlight the importance of travel planning and reliable tour operators. We will also answer some frequently asked questions.

Background And History Of Starline Travel And Tours

Starline Travel and Tours is a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of Ghana in 1988.

Being a fully integrated high-performance travel and tours firm, Starline Travel & Tours is dedicated to delivering quality, efficient, and safe travel solutions to its patrons. Starline Travel has been an IATA-accredited agency since 1989.

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Beginning from the portal of a traditional travel agency, Starline Travel, and Tours has evolved as a leading full-fledged service firm offering customized travel solutions to meet the specific needs of its rapidly growing portfolio of corporate clients.

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Starline Travel And Tours Mission And Values

At the heart of Starline Travel and Tours is a steadfast mission to create transformative travel experiences.

It strives to go beyond conventional tourism, aiming to immerse travelers in the culture, history, and natural beauty of each destination.

The company values authenticity, sustainability, and respect for local communities, working closely with trusted partners to provide responsible tourism that benefits both travelers and the destinations they visit.

Starline Travel And Tours Accreditation And Certifications

Starline Travel and Tours prides itself on its professional reputation and adherence to industry standards.

The company is accredited by renowned travel associations and has certifications that underscore its commitment to excellence.

These accreditations ensure that you as a traveler can trust Starline Travel and Tours to provide reliable, ethical, and high-quality services throughout your journeys.

Importance Of Travel Planning And Reliable Tour Operators

When it comes to travel, cautious planning is crucial for a seamless and memorable experience. This is where reliable tour operators like Starline Travel and Tours truly become invaluable.

With the company’s in-depth knowledge of destinations, cultural insights, and local connections, they can craft itineraries customized to individual preferences and ensure that every aspect of the journey is carefully organized.

Ranging from transportation and accommodation to sightseeing and activities, tour operators add immense value by taking care of the logistical details, allowing you to relax and fully immerse yourself in their chosen destinations.

Travel Packages Offered by Starline Travel and Tours

Starline Travel and Tours boasts a wide range of travel packages designed to cater to diverse interests and preferences.

Whether you seek adventure, relaxation, cultural exploration, or a mix of experiences, the company has the perfect package for you.

Here are some packages offered by the company:

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Brief Tour Packages

  • STTIT001 – 6 DayClassic Ghana Tour
  • STTIT002 – 7-Day Historic Tour
  • STTIT003 – 8 Day Beach Experience in Ghana
  • STTIT004 – 13-Day Heritage and Wildlife Tour of Ghana
  • STTIT005 – 15-Day Experience Tour of Ghana
  • STTIT006 – 9-Day Cultural Experience in Ghana
  • STTIT007 – 10 Day Business & Holiday Tour of Ghana
  • STTIT008 – 21-Day Experience Tour of Ghana
  • STTIT009 – 30-Day Golden Experience Tour of Ghana
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Popular Destinations Covered By Starline Travel And Tours

Starline Travel and Tours covers a multitude of popular destinations across the world. From the bustling streets of New York City to the serene landscapes of New Zealand, their destinations span continents and offer a kaleidoscope of experiences.

Each of their travel plans is designed to showcase the highlights of a specific region, allowing you to immerse yourself in the local culture, explore iconic landmarks, and savor authentic cuisine.

Location, Operating Areas, and Contact Details Of Starline Travel And Tours

Starline Travel and Tours is conveniently located at Accra – Office (HQ) F 530/4, Ring Road, Nyaniba Estates, Osu. You can contact them at +233 (0)302 787525 and +233 (0)552 510025.

You can also visit their website at [email protected] or send them an email at [email protected].

With a network of partners and affiliates in various countries, the company operates across multiple continents, including North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and more.

The company’s team of travel experts is dedicated to ensuring that every traveler’s needs are met, making their contact details easily accessible for inquiries, bookings, and assistance.

Popular Destinations Covered By Starline Travel And Tours

Some Popular destinations covered by the company in Ghana are:

Larabanga Mosque

A 13th-century mosque believed to be first built by Moorish traders, it is one of the holiest sites in Ghana. Its distinctive façade has been widely photographed.

Kakum National Park

A 357km² national park comprising undisturbed virgin rainforest. Excellent walking tours (and a canopy walkway) through the forest provide the opportunity to see much of Ghana’s indigenous plant life, as well as rare butterflies, birds, and games (that could include the extraordinary Bongo and forest elephant). Highlights include:

  • Forest walks
  • Treetop canopy walkway
  • Bird watching
  • Medicinal plants
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Nzulezu The Village on Stilts of Nzulezu

An amazing village where life goes on in the center of Lake Tadane, just 90km west of Takoradi. The houses are built on stilts, and traditional village life adapts to the watery conditions.

The excursion from Beyin involves a walk through the reeds at the lake’s edge and a trip in a dugout canoe to the village.

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The village welcomes visitors every day except Thursday, which is a sacred day

Wli falls

The Waterfalls of the Volta Region

Although some may be seasonal, all are set in attractive wooded or mountain settings.

  • Wli Falls – 20km from Hohoe, in the Wli nature reserve
  • Tagbo falls – Liate Wote
  • Tsatsodu falls – 10km from Hohoe
  • Aflambo falls –Leklebi
  • Amedzofe – Abadzeme falls

Manhyia Palace And Museum

This is the official residence of the Asantehene. Its large courtyard and museum hold statues of past great kings and queens of the Asante Kingdom.

Services Offered By Starline Travel and Tours

Starline Travel and Tours offers services such as visa assistance, passport acquisition, hotel booking, and several others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Starline Travel and Tours located?

You can find Starline Travel and Tours at Ring Road, Nyaniba Estates, Osu.

What are Starline Travel and Tours’ contact numbers?

You can contact Starline Travel and Tours at +233 (0)552 510025.


We covered all you need to know about Starline Travel and Tours including travel plans, services, location, contact details, history, mission and values, frequently asked questions, and more.

Starline Travel and Tours stands out as an exceptional tour operator that offers unparalleled experiences, careful planning, and a dedication to customer satisfaction.

They have a rich history, a global network, and a passion for responsible tourism and therefore provide an unmatched level of service to those seeking extraordinary travel experiences.

Starline Travel and Tours is the ideal partner to curate your next remarkable journey. You can embark on a transformative travel adventure with Starline Travel and Tours and discover the world in a way that exceeds your expectations.

Note: At mekabi.com, we try our best to give you verified information, but we still urge our cherished readers to do their investigations well before doing anything especially if it involves money.

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