Our Writers

Here are all the writers at Mekabi.com that are helping provide verified and in-depth articles to our readers.

Asirifi Nana Gabriel

Asirifi Nana Gabriel author at mekabi.com

Asirifi Nana Gabriel is a freelance journalist, blogger, and web designer who writes general articles surrounding building and construction, guides, prices of products, and many more.

He loves to give his readers verified information, and because of this, Gabriel always makes sure to only write an article after doing his research.

Gabriel decided to join Mekabi to help fulfill Mekabi’s journey of providing authentic information for our readers.

Beatrice Adepa Addo

Beatrice Adepa Addo profile

Beatrice Adepa Addo is a student who also loves writing about fashion, food and travel, and everything surrounding traveling in Ghana.

Beatrice is part of the Mekabi team, and she produces articles on food and travel and the prices of fashion products.

Hannah Marfo

Hannah Marfo Profile Mekabi (1)

Hannah Marfo is a student who enjoys reading and writing on general and current issues and at the same time guiding people on how to solve their problems.

Since writing is her hobby, Hannah Marfo provides in-depth articles making it easy for her readers to understand because all her articles are researched.

She is currently enrolled at Agogo Presbyterian college of education.

Laureen Koranteng

Laureen Koranteng writer at mekabi

Laureen Koranteng is a medical student and a freelancer who loves writing articles surrounding food and travel, Ghana pricing and everything related to Ghana. You can connect with me at [email protected]

Lead Editor

mekabi lead editor

This is an account for the lead editor who is in charge of the publication. For all general inquiries, you can contact the lead editor on [email protected] or you can visit the Contact Us page to contact us through the various channnels.