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Here are all the writers at Mekabi.com who are helping provide verified and in-depth articles to our readers.

Asirifi Nana Gabriel

Asirifi Nana Gabriel author at mekabi.com

Asirifi Nana Gabriel is a freelance journalist, blogger, and web designer who writes general articles surrounding building and construction, guides, prices of products, and many more.

He loves to give his readers verified information, and because of this, Gabriel always makes sure to only write an article after doing his research.

Gabriel decided to join Mekabi to help fulfill Mekabi’s journey of providing authentic information for our readers.

Beatrice Adepa Addo

Beatrice Adepa Addo profile

Beatrice Adepa Addo is a student who also loves writing about fashion, food and travel, and everything surrounding traveling in Ghana.

Beatrice is part of the Mekabi team, and she produces articles on food and travel and the prices of fashion products.

Hannah Marfo

Hannah Marfo Profile Mekabi (1)

Hannah Marfo is a student who enjoys reading and writing on general and current issues and at the same time guiding people on how to solve their problems.

Since writing is her hobby, Hannah Marfo provides in-depth articles making it easy for her readers to understand because all her articles are researched.

She is currently enrolled at Agogo Presbyterian college of education.

Laureen Koranteng

Laureen Koranteng writer at mekabi

Laureen Koranteng is a medical student and a freelancer who loves writing articles surrounding food and travel, Ghana pricing, and everything related to Ghana. You can connect with me at [email protected]

Collins KK Boateng

Collins Boateng author profile

Boateng KK Collins is a dynamic and versatile writer, content creator, and author. With a passion for research and a love for reading, he brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to his work.

As a writer, he is dedicated to producing accurate and intriguing articles for publication on blogs and online platforms.

Whether he’s writing about the latest news on tech, exploring new ideas, or delving into the depths of history and traveling guides, his work is always insightful and engaging.

Beyond his writing career, Boateng is also a dedicated researcher who takes pride in staying up-to-date on the latest developments in his field. He brings a rigorous and analytical approach to his work, ensuring that every piece he writes is thoroughly researched and carefully crafted.

In his leisure time, Boateng enjoys nothing more than relaxing with a good book and enjoying some recreation. He values balance in his life and knows the importance of taking time out to recharge and rejuvenate.

Boateng KK Collins is a unique and convincing talent in the world of writing and content creation. With his passion, creativity, and expertise, he is sure to make a lasting impact in his field.

Kevin Appiah

Kevin appiah, author at mekabi

Kevin Appiah is my name, I am a student at Accra Technical University studying medical science, Aside from being a student, I am also a writer and I love writing on categories covering building and construction, traveling, product prices, and everything Ghana. You can connect with me at [email protected]

Abena Gyamfua Aboagye

Abena Gyamfua Aboagye

I’m Abena Gyamfua Aboagye, A final-year student at Aburi Girls’ Senior High School, My interests range from writing Prices of brand products, building and construction articles, and Stem Related Activities.

I have participated in various STEM competitions being a Robotics member of my school and I have written articles that get selected almost all the time by our school notice board.
My interest in writing earned me the opportunity to become an executive writer on our School Editorial Board Team.

I handle leadership roles with a great sense of the call of duty and efficiency.
I am the founder and President of a youth Organization; Project Ghana.

Rander Owusu Konadu

Rander Owusu Konadu Editor at Mekabi

Rander Owusu Konadu is a general nurse who loves writing articles surrounding food in Ghana, travel in Ghana, and everything surrounding Ghana. If I am not at the hospital, then you will definitely find me glued to my computer writing articles to help people search for them on the web.

Asantewaa Korankye Konadu

Asantewaa Korankye Konadu

My name is Asantewaa Korankye Konadu. You can call me Sky Duchess. I am a freelance blogger with a passion for creating informative articles and blog posts. I don’t have a niche; as long as it requires a pen, paper, and creative thinking, I’m in. Bookmark this site and always come back for more.
Shout my name whenever you’re in the Eastern Region and I’ll hear you.

Cindy Odame

Cindy Odame, Author at Mekabi

My name is Cindy Odame. I am a student at the University of Ghana. I love to write about practically any issue that is in the best interest of my readers and God approves of it.

I recently started blogging to share ideas with people who might need them.
I decided to join Mekabi to convey valuable information to all readers that would make a positive impact on their lives.

Hannah Ansaah Wiredu

Hannah Ansaah Wiredu author at mekabi.com

I am Hannah Ansaah Wiredu A student at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science And Technology.

I love reading, writing, and researching on various topics. My topics of interest include prices of stuff, health, technology, and diets. And that is why I have joined Meka.com to give verified information to Ghanaians.

Lead Editor

mekabi lead editor

This is an account for the lead editor who is in charge of the publication. For all general inquiries, you can contact the lead editor at [email protected] or you can visit the Contact Us page to contact us through the various channels.