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Explore The World with M And J Travel And Tour: Exceptional Travel Plans Await You

M&J Travel and Tours is a super important company in Ghana that helps people go on fun and exciting trips. What’s special about them?

They are the first and the only tour company in Ghana that has a “Travelife” certificate. This certificate is like a big gold star that shows they are good at what they do and they care about people and the planet.

The people behind M&J have been doing this for more than thirty years so they know a lot about making trips super fun.

They have been making people around the world happy with their fantastic trips.

So, what do they want to do? M&J’s goal is to make travel exciting and good for everyone, including the people in the places visited and our world. They always aim to do better than what people expect from them.

And what do they hope for the future? M&J wants to be the best tour company in Ghana and in all of West Africa that cares for people.

They want to offer top-quality experiences that are a good deal and make everyone smile.

M&J Travel and Tours is like a superhero team that uses their special powers, which are their core values.

Their powers are: being super passionate and determined; being completely open (which is called transparency); being worthy of people’s trust; caring for the planet; loving adventure; and working together as a team.

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These powers (or values) help M&J be the best at what they do. Their passion and determination make them always bring their best.

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Their honesty, trustworthiness, and teamwork help them make strong connections with the people they serve. They love adventure, and they make sure that in all the fun, the planet is taken care of.

Location, Operating Areas, And Contact Details Of M And J Travel And Tour

M and J Travel and Tour is located Opp. U.N.P Office, Ring Road, Accra and they can be reached for booking and inquiries at  +233 244 514 824. You can also send them an email at [email protected]. Or visit their website at https://mandjtravelghana.com/

M And J Travel And Tour Services

  • Visa Assistance
  •  Emergency Visa on Arrival
  •  Accommodation
  •  Meets And Greets
  •  Ticketing
  •  Transportation


If you are traveling to somewhere like Italy, Greece, Spain, or France, you might want to check out M and J Travel and Tour.

They specialize in handling all of your travel needs for that region of the world. It is a great resource for vacationers and business travelers looking to experience a destination locally and authentically.

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